Packing List for 10 month baby for Hawaii

I’m so excited for our trip to Maui, Hawaii this upcoming week. It’ll be my first time and my 10 month old’s first time to the beautiful island. My husband has been there twice before and cannot wait to show us why he loves Hawaii so much.


It will be two flights, a 4.5 hour flight to San Diego and a 6 hour flight from there to Maui. I am a little nervous since we haven’t flown that long with our baby yet and not sure how he’ll do. We currently have economy tickets and it looks like there’s no chance of any upgrades. I’ve selected window and aisle seats for my husband and I, hoping that the middle seat will remain open.

In preparation, here’s what I’m packing for our little guy for 7 days, with a load of laundry in the middle of the trip.

In his diaper bag, which will be a carry-on

In the suitcase, which will be checked-in

Other items to be checked-in

I’m excited for our trip!  I do plan on purchasing formula at a grocery store once we arrive. And if I’m missing anything, I’ll hopefully be able to pick it up from a store.




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