Top 10 Essentials for Traveling with a Baby

After taking several flights with my baby (all domestic so far), here is a list of what I believe are essentials to make the trip easier. I’m a firm believer in traveling light, or as light as we can with a baby. This list is in no particular order and hopefully can be a jumping point for your packing list.

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5 Tips for Traveling with a Lap Infant Baby

Here I want to share some travel tips when flying with a baby, specifically lap infant. I’ve done this by myself with my baby when he was 4 months and with my husband when he was 6 months. I’ve learned a few things since these two trips.

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SAN-ORD First Class with a Baby

We had almost missed this flight. So you can imagine how relieved we were to have made it on board. On the flight to SAN, we sat in economy, aisle and middle seats. Now, flying back to ORD, we had the row to ourselves. The wider seats were more comfortable with the baby. Prior to take-off, I fed him his bottle, while the rest of the passengers were boarding the plane.

The flight attendant came by and offered us pre-departure drinks. Then took our cups away just as we were about to take-off.

During take-off, I gave my baby his pacifier so he could have something to suck on to relieve any ear pressure.

Then about a few minutes later, the seat belt sign came off and I was able to stand up with my baby. He likes being rocked to sleep. Soon enough, he fell asleep in my arms. SUCCESS. Continue reading “SAN-ORD First Class with a Baby”

Upgrades, A Baby, and How we almost missed our flight…

Our family took a quick trip to visit Grandma on the West coast because there were some amazing deals I saw back in August (roundtrip ORD to SAN/LAX/SNA for about $100-$200). On the day we were flying back to Chicago, we loaded the car with all our bags, stroller, and car seat. I had already checked-in to the flight on the app so we were all set to go. Baby was happy during the 45 minute ride to the airport, which was a blessing.

Once we got to the airport, we see the curbside check-in counter. I’ve never used one of these counters before, but since we had more bags than usual plus the stroller/car set combo, I figured it would be easier than figuring out how to bring everything in with our limited hands. So as Daddy was waiting in line with some of our stuff, I was getting Baby out of his car seat. That’s when I smelled the you-know-what smell.

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Welcome to Jetsetter Mom

Hello! I’m glad you’re visiting my blog. I’m a new mom, with a love for traveling and an obsession with accruing miles and points. Ever since my childhood, my family has traveled at least once a year from the United States to Asia to visit my relatives. I loved the adventure of flying and every few years, we would get “free” tickets, purchased with the miles that we’d flown. Of course back then, mileage accrual was based on the flight distance and not a percentage of dollars spent on the ticket.

Furthermore, in college, I signed up for an airline co-branded credit card, since I knew I would be flying home several times a year. I got a huge sign-up bonus after meeting the required spend)! Eventually with the amount I flew, I earned status and that opened me up to another level of flying – upgrades to first class. I definitely didn’t get upgraded all the time, but whenever I did, oh it was such a treat. I was hooked.

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